Monday, May 30, 2016

[CoolVibe EXCLUSIVE!] LOCAL tie to this signature oldies song revealed!

Dennis writes,

Wanna hear a neat little story? Not long ago, I was sharing music information with a new friend of mine named Dave. I mentioned the CoolVibe radio program to him and was extremely pleased to find out that he listens to it!

Without any hint of boastfulness or pride, Dave, who lives with his long-time wife in the greater Kalamazoo area, casually told me that his wife, who's name is Sue, was the inspiration for the song, Wake Up Little Susie by the Everly Brothers.

As CoolVibe listeners, I'm sure you can imagine that I was totally floored by what he had just told me. I could hardly believe first. He assured me it was true. His wife, Sue was from the South where this had all occurred back in the 50's. Sue's cousin, named Boudeleau Bryant and his wife, Felice wrote the song. Keep in mind that as Dave is telling me this, he wasn't even sure of how to pronounce "Boudeleau" Bryant's first name! "I know it begins with a B.", he said.

Dave told me that Sue's family was visiting the Bryants at their home in south-central Georgia. As the evening's  activities came to a close and Sue's family prepared to depart from the Bryant household, Sue's mother went over to her young daughter, who was fast asleep and said, "Wake up little Susie. It's time to go". When Boudeleau Bryant heard her say that, it obviously stuck in his mind and shortly afterward, he and his wife Felice went on to compose the signature Oldies song we all know and love!

That is a true story! NOW, let me take it one step further: 

Are you aware of Boudeleau and his wife, Felice Bryant (Susie's cousins)? If not, you should know their significance to not only this story, but music history!

Below, please take a gander at this partial list of songs composed by Boudeleau and Felice Bryant:

All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers
Bird Dog - Everly Brothers
Bye Bye Love - Everly Brothers
Sleepless Nights - Everly Brothers 
Come Live with Me - Roy Clark
Rocky Top (Tennessee's State Song!)
Take a Message to Mary
Love Hurts (Yes, THAT 'Love Hurts' by Nazareth!)
Devoted to You (numerous performers)
And of course, Wake Up Little Susie!

...and the list goes on and on. Although no longer with us, Boudeleau and Felice Bryant wrote over 1500 recorded songs and earned 59 country, pop, and R&B music awards.

In 1972, they were inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, in 1986, into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and in 1991, into the Country Music Hall of Fame and Rockabilly Hall of Fame. All I can say is, Awesome.

And as for my new friend, Dave and his wife, Sue? Well, they were willing to share this story with me and I for one, think it deserves a little "pub" and its appropriate place in the history of pop music.

Now we all know the REAL story behind the song, "Wake Up Little Susie"! Glad to share it exclusively with YOU, our CoolVibe listeners!

By the way, when I told Tim about this, he about keeled over. Couldn't believe it! BELIEVE IT, TIM!!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #7

Well, this is the final week of Tim's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; from the years 2014 thru 2016 and concludes my initial review of the current members in the RRHOF. It has not been easy eliminating many of the artists that I have dismissed (however, some performers made it very easy).

My choices for who's "out" and who's "in" have been based and weighted
on a simple concept: music that I like listening to without feeling the urge
to change the radio station when a song of a particular artist is being played.
Thank for your indulgence and I sincerely hope you have had as much fun with it
as I had with this whole concept!

I would like to thank the following individuals for being my "Sounding Board Committee":
Dennis C. (my official "Consultant") and the rest of  my other music aficionados;
Victor B., Dick F., Michael B., Dave B., Ric V., David B., and Gary M.


Please keep in mind that this is not the last of it. I will be periodically re-evaluating artists in the RRHOF, and, possibly removing more artists as well as adding new ones into the TRRHOF.  Please check the CoolVibe101 Blog often for more show-related stuff and our take on a wide variety of Oldies music. Feel free to express your opinions (below or email: are always welcome!


-hard rock/heavy metal band

-outrageous costumes and make-up
-belong in the Hall of 'Outrageous Costumes

-singer, songwriter, humanitarian, education
 -musical styles include folk, rock, pop, Islamic
 -now known as Yusaf Islam
 -belongs in the Hall of Islamic Music


 -grunge rock
 -only released 3 full length studio albums in their 7
  year career
 -can't think of one of their songs that I like!



-punk/alternative rock
-one of their hits is titled "Good Riddance", which is
  what I am saying to them!



-hard rock
-belong in the Hall of the Pretty Good


-heavy metal/hard rock
-a few early hits
- belong in the Hall of the Pretty Good

OUT - N.W.A.
-hip hop/gangsta rap
-little chart success

IN the TRRHOF!!!:
Below, I give you more irrefutable evidence that truly hard-working performers who absolutely deserve induction into the RRHOF, are over-looked. Like so many times before, the Hall of Fame snobs have once AGAIN, turned their noses up and have failed to acknowledge their worthiness!

So, with that in mind, I'm proudly placing them in MY very own, Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! (the TRRHOF!)

1.  Carole King - 13 Top 40, 4 Top 10, 1 #1, wrote countless hit songs
2.  Gladys Knight & Pips - 24 Top 40, 8 Top 10, 1 #1
3.  KC & Sunshine Band - 9 Top 40, 6 Top 10, 5 #1s (That's right, FIVE!!!)
4.  Electric Light Orchestra - 17 Top 40, 6 Top 10, very innovative
5.  Doobie Bros. - 15 Top 40, 4 Top 10, 2 #1s
6.  Jim Croce - 8 Top 40, 5 Top 10, 2 #1s (And never came close to a full career)
7.  Gary Lewis & Playboys - 12 Top 40, 7 Top 10, 1 #1
8.  Huey Lewis & News - 17 Top 40, 12 Top 10, 3 #1s

Carole King NOT in the RRHOF? Really?
Hall of Fame Committee, you ARE kidding me, aren't you?

 And, you can say the same thing for most of the above performers!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!
Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #6

You've probably already figured out that I'm from the old school when it comes to calling out  talented rock & roll performers. You might have even heard me on the Vicksburg CoolVibe show expressing my opinion about the Rock & and Roll Hall of Fame. I can get a little cranky about some of the inductees. But give me credit for being open-minded enough to know when REAL talent deserves to be in there. 

I'll be the first person to acknowledge the great talents of the suddenly deceased Prince. A great loss. No doubt the guy had the "IT" factor. Mass appeal and numerous hits that we've all danced to at wedding receptions and such. I would never think of kicking him out of RRHOF. You've seen all the music pundits lauding his innovative career. I would however, caution everyone that musically, he was highly influenced by James Brown and also "borrowed" several dance moves from him. I have also seen him wear certain performance apparel that had a striking resemblance to things once adorned by Jimi Hendrix. Prince was a great guitarist but he would often flail his guitar around in ways that would make you think he studied at the Jimi Hendrix School of Rock Concert Performing. But Prince was indeed a prolific composer and had a knack for creating some great music and a distinctive image that very few performers have ever matched. He will be missed.

But moving on to the RRHOF inductees during the years of 2011 thru 2013; After great thought and consideration, I feel compelled to give the HOOK to several performers and dismiss them from the RRHOF. Here they are! 

The performer below may have talent, but DO NOT belong in the RRHOF!  Listed below, you'll find performers who I dumped OUT of the RRHOF
for the years 2011 - 2013.

2011- OUT - Tom Waits 
- no chart hits
- Having a gravelly voice does not qualify a person for the RRHOF

2012- OUT - Beastie Boys 
-hip hop/rap group with one Top 10 hit
-belongs in the "Hall of Sold a Lot of Albums"

2013- OUT  - Randy Newman 
-songwriter/film soundtrack composer
-little (no pun intended) chart success
-belongs in the "Film Composer Hall of Fame"

2013- OUT - Public Enemy 
-hip hop/rap group with success on rap charts.
Any group with Flavor Flav as a member DOES NOT belong in the RRHOF!

IN the TRRHOF!!!:
Below, you're going to find some totally neglected performers who TRULY deserve to be honored in the RRHOF. Amazingly, The Hall consists of bizarre-thinking individuals who are NOT open-minded enough to enshrine these brilliant and accomplished performers.

So, with that in mind, I'm proudly placing them in MY very own Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! (the TRRHOF!)
1.  Neil Sedaka - 20 Top 40, 9 Top 10, 3 #1

2.  Fifth Dimension - 20 Top 40, 7 Top 10, 2 #1s

3.   Monkees - 11 Top 40, 6 Top 10, 3 #1s

4.  Guess Who - 15 Top 40, 7 Top 10, 1 #1

What were these HOF idiot savants thinking - leaving these outstanding performers out of the RRHOF? I think they were daydreaming about their favorite punk rock groups!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!
Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #5

As the years progress, it gets better and easier for me to find current RRHOF Inductees and unceremoniously yank them OUT of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some of these performers are completely unworthy at worst and certainly questionable at the very least! Quite frankly, I had all I could do to keep myself from dumping several other performers. Dennis, my official "Consultant" had all he could do to talk me out of jettisoning several others!

The Good news is that I replaced some of these losers with performers who actually deserve to be in the Great Hall. But since no one cares enough to induct them...yet, I'M doing it myself and putting them in my own Hall of Fame...the TRRHOF!!!

Listed below, you'll find performers who I dumped OUT of the RRHOF
for the years 2006 - 2010.

2006 - OUT - Sex Pistols
                    -punk rock group with no US chart hits
                    -last name of band member Johnny Rotten sums up their qualifications!

 2007 - OUT - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
                      --hip hop group
                       -highest charting song on Hot 100 was at #62...enough said!

           OUT - R.E.M.    
                     -alternative rock band with limited chart success

           OUT - Patti Smith
                     -known as the punk rock poet laureate... BIG DEAL!

2008 - OUT - Leonard Cohen
                    -Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist
                     -member of the Canadian Music HOF and the Canadian Songwriters 
                      HOF....good place for him! Any tunes we might know?

2009 - OUT - Run DMC
                     -hip hop group that led music away from funk to hip hop....that is 
                       reason enough for my ejection!
          OUT - Bobby Womack
                     -R & B singer, songwriter with limited Hot 100 success 
                     -wrote a few familiar tunes (ex. I'm a Midnight Mover & Lookin' for a Love)
                     -belongs in the Hall of the Very Good

          OUT - Metallica
                     -heavy metal & speed metal group with little chart success
                     -They belong in the "Hall of the Very Loud"!

2010-  OUT - Jimmy Cliff
                    - Jamaican SKA & reggae singer with little chart success

           OUT - The Stooges
                      -punk & alternative rock group...enough said!
                       -another candidate for the Hall of the Very Loud
 IN the TRRHOF!!!:
For every performer I kicked out of the RRHOF, I added WORTHY artists! In my opinion the performers below are FAR more worthy of induction, but since they have obviously been completely over-looked, I'm taking the liberty of PROUDLY inducting them myself...into the TRRHOF!

Take a look at how much these performers contributed to our ears! Look at the hits!
1. Johnny Rivers - 17 Top 40s, 9 Top 10s, 1 #1

2. Paul Revere & Raiders - 15 Top 40s, 5 Top 10s, 1 #1

3. B.J. Thomas - 14 Top 40s, 5 Top 10s, 2 #1s

4. Herman's Hermits - 18 Top 40s, 11 Top 10s, 2 #1s

5.  Grass Roots - 14 Top 40s, 3 Top 10s

6. Ray Stevens - 9 Top 40s, 4 Top 10s, 2 #1s

7. Lesley Gore - 11 Top 40s, 4 Top 10s, 1 #1

8. Carpenters - 20 Top 40s, 10 Top 10s, 3 #1s

9. Spinners - 16 Top 40s, 6 Top 10s

10. Olivia Newton-John - 18 Top 40s, 11 Top 10s. 3 #1s
How much more can a group of performers offer up? So the RRHOF Hoity-Toities offer up performers (if you want to call them that), like The Stooges? And they leave these other neglected artists out of the Hall of Fame! Shame Shame!

I rest my case!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!
Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #4

Listed below, you'll find who I unceremoniously ejected OUT of the RRHOF for the years 2001 - 2005.
AND in their place, I ushered in performers who actually deserve to be in...but since the judges were idiotic enough to disregard their worthiness, I'M proudly inducting them into the TRRHOF!

2001- OK

2002- OUT of the RRHOF:
The Ramones
Little commercial success; highly influential (Influential, there's that word again!)
So Green Day wouldn't exist without the influence of the Ramones. What a loss!
Could care less about punk rock.
Talking Heads
Only one Top 10 hit and somewhat of a punk rock band

2003- OUT of the RRHOF
Elvis Costello
What has he done except desecrate the ELVIS name...his real name: Declan MacManus.
THAT alone is grounds enough to throw him out. GONE!!!
He had only two Top 40 songs!
So what if he's thought to be influential. Tired of hearing about the so-called performers who had great influence on other performers. Let the great RRHOF create a separate, Rock & Roll Hall of the "Influential Performers" award! Keep worthy performers in the RRHOF...or they risk ME inducting them into the TRRHOF!!!

2004- OK

2005-OK (But with a FOOTNOTE....Percy Sledge was very close to being booted because of his one-hit wonder status with, When a Man Loves a Woman.  Thus, I am adding another one-hit wonder group who also had a massive hit)**

IN the TRRHOF!!!:

:** The Kingsmen (With their one-hit wonder, Louie, Louie)

Tommy James & Shondells  - 14 Top 40, 7 Top 10, 2 #1 hits
Jan & Dean -14 Top 40, 5 Top 10, 1 #1 hit
Chubby Checker - 21 Top 40 hits, 8 Top 10 hits  and, 3 #1 hits
-The Twist was the only single to to go to #1 on two separate runs (8/60 & 11/61)
-only recording artist to place 5 albums in the Top 12 at same time!

Elvis Costello, The Ramones...are you kidding? Think about it. Tommy James and Chubby Checker haven't been given the time of day by the RRHOF! What is up with that? I'd say I've gone easy on them!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I can take some constructive criticism!

Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #3

Posted by Tim

Listed below are my choices for who gets BOOTED out of the RRHOF and who goes into my very own, TRRHOF for the years 1996 - 2000:

The REAL Rock and Roll Hall of Fame makes this WAY too easy for me!

OUT (of the RRHOF) - The Velvet Underground...GONE! BYE BYE! And don't let the door hit you in the back-side too hard! This is another one where I can't think of one well known song by the Velvet Underground; that is, until Dennis, my official TRRHOF "Consultant" brought it to my attention that they were known for the song, Sweet Jane. One song. Whoopee!

They had very little commercial success.
Their claim to fame is one of their album covers has a painting of banana by Andy Warhol.
They were very influential on Punk and Alternative rock. (Barf!)

In summary, one noteworthy song and a famous album cover! Would somebody call the RRHOF and ask WHO made this call???

IN (to the TRRHOF)
- War...IN! 

11 top 40 hits and 6 top 10 hits during the 70s era! Look at this list of great songs!

All Day Music
Slippin into Darkness
The World Is A Ghetto
The Cisco Kid
Me And Baby Brother
Why Can't We Be Friends
Low Rider
City Country City
AND if you count Spill The Wine with Eric Burden, you definitely have a lead pipe cinch Hall of Fame group!!!

War put out some outstanding music and come on, you have to admit...a MUCH more worthy group for Hall of Fame induction than the Velvet Underground, It isn't even arguable. Don't you agree? War has been proudly inducted into the TRRHOF!!!

Chime in below with your thoughts! DI can take some constructive criticism! 

Here's the link to help you double check the Hall of Fame inductees for yourself!