Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #7

Well, this is the final week of Tim's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; from the years 2014 thru 2016 and concludes my initial review of the current members in the RRHOF. It has not been easy eliminating many of the artists that I have dismissed (however, some performers made it very easy).

My choices for who's "out" and who's "in" have been based and weighted
on a simple concept: music that I like listening to without feeling the urge
to change the radio station when a song of a particular artist is being played.
Thank for your indulgence and I sincerely hope you have had as much fun with it
as I had with this whole concept!

I would like to thank the following individuals for being my "Sounding Board Committee":
Dennis C. (my official "Consultant") and the rest of  my other music aficionados;
Victor B., Dick F., Michael B., Dave B., Ric V., David B., and Gary M.


Please keep in mind that this is not the last of it. I will be periodically re-evaluating artists in the RRHOF, and, possibly removing more artists as well as adding new ones into the TRRHOF.  Please check the CoolVibe101 Blog often for more show-related stuff and our take on a wide variety of Oldies music. Feel free to express your opinions (below or email: are always welcome!


-hard rock/heavy metal band

-outrageous costumes and make-up
-belong in the Hall of 'Outrageous Costumes

-singer, songwriter, humanitarian, education
 -musical styles include folk, rock, pop, Islamic
 -now known as Yusaf Islam
 -belongs in the Hall of Islamic Music


 -grunge rock
 -only released 3 full length studio albums in their 7
  year career
 -can't think of one of their songs that I like!



-punk/alternative rock
-one of their hits is titled "Good Riddance", which is
  what I am saying to them!



-hard rock
-belong in the Hall of the Pretty Good


-heavy metal/hard rock
-a few early hits
- belong in the Hall of the Pretty Good

OUT - N.W.A.
-hip hop/gangsta rap
-little chart success

IN the TRRHOF!!!:
Below, I give you more irrefutable evidence that truly hard-working performers who absolutely deserve induction into the RRHOF, are over-looked. Like so many times before, the Hall of Fame snobs have once AGAIN, turned their noses up and have failed to acknowledge their worthiness!

So, with that in mind, I'm proudly placing them in MY very own, Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! (the TRRHOF!)

1.  Carole King - 13 Top 40, 4 Top 10, 1 #1, wrote countless hit songs
2.  Gladys Knight & Pips - 24 Top 40, 8 Top 10, 1 #1
3.  KC & Sunshine Band - 9 Top 40, 6 Top 10, 5 #1s (That's right, FIVE!!!)
4.  Electric Light Orchestra - 17 Top 40, 6 Top 10, very innovative
5.  Doobie Bros. - 15 Top 40, 4 Top 10, 2 #1s
6.  Jim Croce - 8 Top 40, 5 Top 10, 2 #1s (And never came close to a full career)
7.  Gary Lewis & Playboys - 12 Top 40, 7 Top 10, 1 #1
8.  Huey Lewis & News - 17 Top 40, 12 Top 10, 3 #1s

Carole King NOT in the RRHOF? Really?
Hall of Fame Committee, you ARE kidding me, aren't you?

 And, you can say the same thing for most of the above performers!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!
Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

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