Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #5

As the years progress, it gets better and easier for me to find current RRHOF Inductees and unceremoniously yank them OUT of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some of these performers are completely unworthy at worst and certainly questionable at the very least! Quite frankly, I had all I could do to keep myself from dumping several other performers. Dennis, my official "Consultant" had all he could do to talk me out of jettisoning several others!

The Good news is that I replaced some of these losers with performers who actually deserve to be in the Great Hall. But since no one cares enough to induct them...yet, I'M doing it myself and putting them in my own Hall of Fame...the TRRHOF!!!

Listed below, you'll find performers who I dumped OUT of the RRHOF
for the years 2006 - 2010.

2006 - OUT - Sex Pistols
                    -punk rock group with no US chart hits
                    -last name of band member Johnny Rotten sums up their qualifications!

 2007 - OUT - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
                      --hip hop group
                       -highest charting song on Hot 100 was at #62...enough said!

           OUT - R.E.M.    
                     -alternative rock band with limited chart success

           OUT - Patti Smith
                     -known as the punk rock poet laureate... BIG DEAL!

2008 - OUT - Leonard Cohen
                    -Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist
                     -member of the Canadian Music HOF and the Canadian Songwriters 
                      HOF....good place for him! Any tunes we might know?

2009 - OUT - Run DMC
                     -hip hop group that led music away from funk to hip hop....that is 
                       reason enough for my ejection!
          OUT - Bobby Womack
                     -R & B singer, songwriter with limited Hot 100 success 
                     -wrote a few familiar tunes (ex. I'm a Midnight Mover & Lookin' for a Love)
                     -belongs in the Hall of the Very Good

          OUT - Metallica
                     -heavy metal & speed metal group with little chart success
                     -They belong in the "Hall of the Very Loud"!

2010-  OUT - Jimmy Cliff
                    - Jamaican SKA & reggae singer with little chart success

           OUT - The Stooges
                      -punk & alternative rock group...enough said!
                       -another candidate for the Hall of the Very Loud
 IN the TRRHOF!!!:
For every performer I kicked out of the RRHOF, I added WORTHY artists! In my opinion the performers below are FAR more worthy of induction, but since they have obviously been completely over-looked, I'm taking the liberty of PROUDLY inducting them myself...into the TRRHOF!

Take a look at how much these performers contributed to our ears! Look at the hits!
1. Johnny Rivers - 17 Top 40s, 9 Top 10s, 1 #1

2. Paul Revere & Raiders - 15 Top 40s, 5 Top 10s, 1 #1

3. B.J. Thomas - 14 Top 40s, 5 Top 10s, 2 #1s

4. Herman's Hermits - 18 Top 40s, 11 Top 10s, 2 #1s

5.  Grass Roots - 14 Top 40s, 3 Top 10s

6. Ray Stevens - 9 Top 40s, 4 Top 10s, 2 #1s

7. Lesley Gore - 11 Top 40s, 4 Top 10s, 1 #1

8. Carpenters - 20 Top 40s, 10 Top 10s, 3 #1s

9. Spinners - 16 Top 40s, 6 Top 10s

10. Olivia Newton-John - 18 Top 40s, 11 Top 10s. 3 #1s
How much more can a group of performers offer up? So the RRHOF Hoity-Toities offer up performers (if you want to call them that), like The Stooges? And they leave these other neglected artists out of the Hall of Fame! Shame Shame!

I rest my case!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!
Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

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  1. As a gigantic fan of Ray Stevens I've never thought of him being considered as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame candidate given his pop music successes had largely been confined to the older audiences, not necessarily the teenage/young adult market, even back during his earlier period.

    A lot of the Hot 100 singles that Ray enjoyed did better on the Easy-Listening charts...particularly a couple of gospel songs that made the Top-10 on the Easy-Listening chart but stalled below the Top-50 on the Hot 100.

    I've been more concerned with Ray not being made a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He's been marketed as a country artist since the late 1970s and his string of best selling country comedy albums in the '80s and '90s on top of the best selling music video projects he's had, in my opinion, merit inclusion into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    Ray is in other Halls of Fame, though. The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame; The Georgia Music Hall of Fame; The Atlanta Music Hall of Fame; and The Christian Music Hall of Fame...but, of course, he's not been elected to neither the Rock and Roll or the Country Music Hall of Fame. He's collectively sold millions of albums, singles, concert tickets, VHS tapes, DVDs, and his YouTube music videos have collectively been seen by more than 20 million people. I've only been talking about his success/impact as a singer...he's obviously a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a former session musician, a producer, an arranger, a music publisher...he's like the personification of the music business.