Friday, April 1, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #4

Listed below, you'll find who I unceremoniously ejected OUT of the RRHOF for the years 2001 - 2005.
AND in their place, I ushered in performers who actually deserve to be in...but since the judges were idiotic enough to disregard their worthiness, I'M proudly inducting them into the TRRHOF!

2001- OK

2002- OUT of the RRHOF:
The Ramones
Little commercial success; highly influential (Influential, there's that word again!)
So Green Day wouldn't exist without the influence of the Ramones. What a loss!
Could care less about punk rock.
Talking Heads
Only one Top 10 hit and somewhat of a punk rock band

2003- OUT of the RRHOF
Elvis Costello
What has he done except desecrate the ELVIS name...his real name: Declan MacManus.
THAT alone is grounds enough to throw him out. GONE!!!
He had only two Top 40 songs!
So what if he's thought to be influential. Tired of hearing about the so-called performers who had great influence on other performers. Let the great RRHOF create a separate, Rock & Roll Hall of the "Influential Performers" award! Keep worthy performers in the RRHOF...or they risk ME inducting them into the TRRHOF!!!

2004- OK

2005-OK (But with a FOOTNOTE....Percy Sledge was very close to being booted because of his one-hit wonder status with, When a Man Loves a Woman.  Thus, I am adding another one-hit wonder group who also had a massive hit)**

IN the TRRHOF!!!:

:** The Kingsmen (With their one-hit wonder, Louie, Louie)

Tommy James & Shondells  - 14 Top 40, 7 Top 10, 2 #1 hits
Jan & Dean -14 Top 40, 5 Top 10, 1 #1 hit
Chubby Checker - 21 Top 40 hits, 8 Top 10 hits  and, 3 #1 hits
-The Twist was the only single to to go to #1 on two separate runs (8/60 & 11/61)
-only recording artist to place 5 albums in the Top 12 at same time!

Elvis Costello, The Ramones...are you kidding? Think about it. Tommy James and Chubby Checker haven't been given the time of day by the RRHOF! What is up with that? I'd say I've gone easy on them!

Chime in below with your thoughts. I can take some constructive criticism!

Here's the link to the RRHOF inductees by year. Double check it for yourself!

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