Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tim's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week #3

Posted by Tim

Listed below are my choices for who gets BOOTED out of the RRHOF and who goes into my very own, TRRHOF for the years 1996 - 2000:

The REAL Rock and Roll Hall of Fame makes this WAY too easy for me!

OUT (of the RRHOF) - The Velvet Underground...GONE! BYE BYE! And don't let the door hit you in the back-side too hard! This is another one where I can't think of one well known song by the Velvet Underground; that is, until Dennis, my official TRRHOF "Consultant" brought it to my attention that they were known for the song, Sweet Jane. One song. Whoopee!

They had very little commercial success.
Their claim to fame is one of their album covers has a painting of banana by Andy Warhol.
They were very influential on Punk and Alternative rock. (Barf!)

In summary, one noteworthy song and a famous album cover! Would somebody call the RRHOF and ask WHO made this call???

IN (to the TRRHOF)
- War...IN! 

11 top 40 hits and 6 top 10 hits during the 70s era! Look at this list of great songs!

All Day Music
Slippin into Darkness
The World Is A Ghetto
The Cisco Kid
Me And Baby Brother
Why Can't We Be Friends
Low Rider
City Country City
AND if you count Spill The Wine with Eric Burden, you definitely have a lead pipe cinch Hall of Fame group!!!

War put out some outstanding music and come on, you have to admit...a MUCH more worthy group for Hall of Fame induction than the Velvet Underground, It isn't even arguable. Don't you agree? War has been proudly inducted into the TRRHOF!!!

Chime in below with your thoughts! DI can take some constructive criticism! 

Here's the link to help you double check the Hall of Fame inductees for yourself!


  1. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has way too many inductees. Then, to leave out the Moody Blues, when the criteria seems to be so frivolous? This might explain why I haven't watched it, nor read about it in years!

  2. Dennis here. You're not alone in your thinking. I've always thought in order to keep all the inductees in the same category, they should just rename it the "Pop Music Hall of Fame". So many inductee performers are simply NOT rock and roll music.